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MINUTA STEREO is a stereo pinhole camera for medium format and 35 mm film.

It is the archetype camera, doubled to be binocular. Combine the exciting nature of analogue pinhole photography and add 3D to it!

The two identical pinholes will produce an images pair onto your film. The spatial information of a 3D scene gets recorded in the slight difference between the two perspectives.

The MINUTA STEREO pinhole camera was launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and got successfully funded in 2021.

Main features:

  • high precision drilled pinholes (microscope checked)
  • optical viewfinder with precise aiming method
  • engraved angles of view
  • easy going shutter with magnetic lock
  • magnetic winding knobs and security lid
  • film protection with cork inlay
  • bubble level and two tripod mounts
  • eyepatch for 2D pinhole mode
  • camera pouch and sachet for accessories
  • extensive booklet explaining stereoscopy principles

Click on the link below to view stereo images taken with the MINUTA STEREO pinhole camera by various stereographers. To experience 3D depth you will need to open the page on your smartphone and place it under a stereoscope.

How to shoot with a stereo pinhole camera

  • Can I photograph everything in 3D?

    Yes, but there are still some rules to follow. The objects you capture should not be too close in front of the camera. Also the distance between the nearest and the farthest object in your frame should not exceed some recommended values.
    The included stereoscopy handbook will explain you the basic rules of 3D photography but soon you will also achieve great results just based on your feeling.

  • Can I do macro photography?

    Yes, but only still objects. Use the eyepatch to close one eye of the camera and make your exposure. Then move the camera sideways a little and make the second exposure. This way you can decrease the distance between the two eyes of the camera which makes it perfect for macros. The small pinhole aperture even makes things right in front of the camera appear in focus.

  • Can I do hyper stereos?

    Yes, but same as with macros, you can photograph only still objects. Hyper stereos will show the world as miniature with an exaggerated 3D. You can achieve this interesting effect by extending the distance between the two pinholes. Even distant mountains can be rendered in 3D when you have the right interaxial distance and no foreground.

  • Can I photograph fast moving objects?

    Yes, but there are limits. The aperture of your Minuta Stereo is f 1/140 which is quite slow compared to modern cameras. But if you use a fast film e.g. ISO 800 on a bright sunny day, the only thing that needs to be fast enough is your finger when opening and closing the shutter.

  • Can I use any photographic film?

    Yes. You can try out any medium format or 35 mm film. That means a lot of fun learning the differences between emulsions and specific characteristics of a bench of analogue films.

  • Can I use black and white film?

    Yes. There is even a developing process to turn your film into beautiful black and white slides. Check if your film has a transparent base. 

  • Can I use negative film?

    Of course! Like with normal negatives, you cannot see your pictures right after development. The fastest way to see your stereos in 3D is to scan them and view them on a mobile device under your stereoscope. You can also print stereo cards on photographic paper which will give you a perfect gift for your friends and family.

  • Can I use software to auto align stereo images?

    Yes. There is some really good software for auto alignment. Stereo Photo Maker for example is a free software to reposition, rectify and crop stereo images automatically. There are also apps for your mobile devices like 3DStereoid (for iOS nad Android).

  • Can I use my camera as a 'normal' 2D pinhole?

    Sure. Simply use the eyepatch to close one eye of the camera. You will get a monoscopic camera and twice the amount of exposures per film.

Additional information

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 4,2 cm
Stereo base

65 mm (with convergent shift)

Focal length

20 mm / 50 mm (35 mm film equivalent)

Pinhole distance to film

28 mm

Ø pinholes

0,2 mm (in 25 μm thick burnished brass foil)



Stereo pairs per roll of film

6 (medium format film suqare), 22 (35 mm film square), 10 (35 mm film panorama)

medium format negative size

60 x 60 mm with obligatory 1/3 rise or fall

35 mm negative size

60 x 24 mm with optional 1/3 rise or fall, 24 x 24 mm with optional 1/3 rise or fall

2 reviews for MINUTA STEREO

  1. René Vonk

    I have shot 3 120 films with this camera so far.
    I think it’s a really nice looking camera and although it can handle different sizes I’ve only tried 6×6 stereo pairs so far.
    The camera is pleasant to use and the exposed films have always come out nice and tight so far.
    I find it difficult to describe what makes a pinhole photo beautiful for me. I always call it the “pinhole feeling” that I want to see in the photo.
    For me, the Minuta Stereo produces fantastic pinhole photos (on 120 film anyway).
    I think the Minuta Stereo could become my favorite pinhole camera (and I’ve used quite a few different pinhole cameras in the last years).
    Highly Recommended!

    René Vonk in Instagram

  2. Esmeralda Holman

    It’s a masterpiece!!
    From all my camera’s, this is my favorite one. I’ve used it (so far) with 120 film (color) only and from the first try on the stereo pairs came out perfectly. (The exposure calculator is a great tool.) I just love the simplicity and the intelligent way it is built. What really surprised me is that the viewfinder realy gives a good impression of what you get in frame. I am very impressed!

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