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MINUTA STEREO is a stereo pinhole camera for medium format and 35 mm film.
The two identical pinholes will produce an images pair onto your film. The spatial information of a 3D scene gets recorded in the slight difference between the two perspectives.

Main features:

  • load any medium format or 35 mm film
  • use reversal film to generate stereo slides
  • autoalign scanned negatives
  • different image formats
  • high precision microscope checked pinholes
  • eyepatch for regular 2D pinhole mode
  • precise viewfinder
  • engraved angles of view
  • easy going shutter with magnetic lock
  • magnetic winding knobs and security lid
  • loaded film protected by cork inlay
  • bubble level and tripod mounts
  • pouches for camera and small parts
  • extensive booklet

MINUTA STEREO is the archetype camera, doubled to be binocular. It lets you combine the advantages of stereo 3D with the exciting nature of analogue pinhole photography.

Use a stereoscope to experience real stereoscopy.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 4.2 cm
Stereo base

65 mm (with convergent shift)

Focal length

20 / 50 mm (135 film equivalent)

Pinhole distance to film

28 mm

Ø pinholes

0,2 mm




120 and 135 film

Stereo pairs per roll of film

22 (135 film square), 10 (135 film panorama), 6 (120 film square)

Image formats

medium format film square with 1/3 rise or fall, 35 mm film square, 35 mm panorama

1 review for MINUTA STEREO

  1. René Vonk

    I have shot 3 120 films with this camera so far.
    I think it’s a really nice looking camera and although it can handle different sizes I’ve only tried 6×6 stereo pairs so far.
    The camera is pleasant to use and the exposed films have always come out nice and tight so far.
    I find it difficult to describe what makes a pinhole photo beautiful for me. I always call it the “pinhole feeling” that I want to see in the photo.
    For me, the Minuta Stereo produces fantastic pinhole photos (on 120 film anyway).
    I think the Minuta Stereo could become my favorite pinhole camera (and I’ve used quite a few different pinhole cameras in the last years).
    Highly Recommended!

    René Vonk in Instagram

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