A stereoscopic pinhole camera

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MINUTA STEREO is a stereo pinhole camera for medium format and 35 mm film

  • load medium format and 35 mm film
  • high precision drilled pinholes checked under microscope
  • 8 different image formats
  • optional rise & fall by 1/3
  • eyepatch for conventional 2D pinhole mode
  • viewfinders with precise aiming method
  • viewfinder holder with lenyard
  • engraved angles of view
  • easy going shutter with magnetic lock
  • soft kork parts touching the film
  • two levels
  • two tripod mounts
  • magnetic winding knobs and secure lid
  • 3D printed adapters
  • three take up spools
  • two pouches for camera and small parts

Become a stereographer!

  • learn composition in three dimensional space
  • get creative with the coincidence of 3D pinholes
  • see the grain and pinhole bokeh in a complete analogue 3D process
  • enjoy profound spatial depth in your stereo photography
The Rise & Fall option lets the camera look upwards (or downwards) without tilting the camera. This way no keystoning will occur. Ideal for 3D architecture!
The camera comes in a special box with an extensive manual.

Analogue pinhole stereoscopy with f-stop 140

Remember to add the exposure calculator
Get the camera together with a stereoscope in the full Stereoscopy Starter Set

Additional information

Weight0.35 kg
Dimensions20 × 9 × 4.2 cm
Stereo base

65 mm (with convergent shift)

Focal length

20 / 50 mm (135 film equivalent)

Pinhole distance to film

28 mm

Ø pinholes

0,2 mm




120 and 135 film

Stereo pairs per roll of film

22 (135 film square), 10 (135 film panorama), 6 (120 film square)


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