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MINUTA STEREO is a stereo pinhole camera for medium format and 35 mm film.

It is the archetype camera, doubled to be binocular. Combine the exciting nature of analogue pinhole photography and add 3D to it!

The two identical pinholes will produce an images pair onto your film. The spatial information of a 3D scene gets recorded in the slight difference between the two perspectives.

The MINUTA STEREO pinhole camera was launched as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and got successfully funded in 2021.

Main features:

  • high precision drilled pinholes (microscope checked)
  • optical viewfinder with precise aiming method
  • engraved angles of view
  • easy going shutter with magnetic lock
  • magnetic winding knobs and security lid
  • film protection with cork inlay
  • bubble level and two tripod mounts
  • eyepatch for 2D pinhole mode
  • camera pouch and sachet for accessories
  • extensive booklet explaining stereoscopy principles

Use a stereoscope to experience spatial depth with the following video.

Additional information

Weight 0,9 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 4,2 cm
Stereo base

65 mm (with convergent shift)

Focal length

20 mm / 50 mm (35 mm film equivalent)

Pinhole distance to film

28 mm

Ø pinholes

0,2 mm (in 25 μm thick burnished brass foil)



Stereo pairs per roll of film

6 (medium format film suqare), 22 (35 mm film square), 10 (35 mm film panorama)

medium format negative size

60 x 60 mm with obligatory 1/3 rise or fall

35 mm negative size

60 x 24 mm with optional 1/3 rise or fall, 24 x 24 mm with optional 1/3 rise or fall

1 review for MINUTA STEREO

  1. René Vonk

    I have shot 3 120 films with this camera so far.
    I think it’s a really nice looking camera and although it can handle different sizes I’ve only tried 6×6 stereo pairs so far.
    The camera is pleasant to use and the exposed films have always come out nice and tight so far.
    I find it difficult to describe what makes a pinhole photo beautiful for me. I always call it the “pinhole feeling” that I want to see in the photo.
    For me, the Minuta Stereo produces fantastic pinhole photos (on 120 film anyway).
    I think the Minuta Stereo could become my favorite pinhole camera (and I’ve used quite a few different pinhole cameras in the last years).
    Highly Recommended!

    René Vonk in Instagram

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