Spatial Photography

3D documentation for architects and artists

Basic package

Preliminary discussion to define the concept and goals

3D photographic documentation of your work

Conventional image post-processing

Precise alignment of the 3D stereo pairs using specialist software

Positioning the stereo pictures inside the 3D window


2D high-resolution, 16 bit tif files for printing

3D high-resolution image pairs for printing

2D lower resolution files for web use

3D images included in the Oczko Stereo 3D App for convenient display using a stereoscope

All motifs printed as stereo cards on photographic paper

One complimentary Papuga stereoscope included for stereo cards and smartphones


3D depth masks for social media

Multi-frame animations with motion tracking (gif or mp4 files)

Other 3D representations, such as: 3D LCD projection, 3D TV, anaglyphs, lenticular prints, Looking Glass, etc.

Of course you can always use all the photographs in the classic monoscopic fashion for printing and web-based presentations, too.

Oczko Stereo 3D pinhole camera

The stereo camera

The principle of a stereo camera for spatial photography is to record one image for each of your eyes. In contrast to the fixed distance between human eyes, you can adapt the distance between two cameras to achieve different stereoscopic effects. Accurate synchronization guarantees precise images of moving objects.

Oczko Stereo has been developing sophisticated stereo cameras for many years. First pinhole stereo cameras for medium-format film were gradually upgraded using lenses and shutters. The subsequent stereo bellows cameras featured ground glasses and were able to shift the film plane in each direction. Today, a double full-format digital camera rig with modern lenses is used for accurate architectural photography. The stereo basis can be adjusted down to the last millimeter for variable spatial depth recordings. The subsequent digital adjustment of the image pairs removes even the slightest misalignment.

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“Opening the attractive package of prints and the stereoscope is a delightful experience.”