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3D photography on high-resolution screens and

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The Oczko Stereo 3D App

The free Oczko Stereo 3D App gives you access to an archive of contemporary stereoscopic 3D photographs that have been taken for various architects and artists.

Use your mobile device together with a high-quality stereoscope to experience sophisticated projects with an astonishing perception of spatial depth.

Don’t waste your time with VR goggles! This app makes full use of the entire resolution available on the largest Retina tablets, ensuring maximum optical quality.

Showcase your projects with the 3D App

Your stereo photographs can be made available online as part of the 3D archive, and can thus also be easily and quickly retrieved by your clients. 

Projects that are included in the initial period are free of charge!

Take the opportunity and make an individual consultation appointment!

Stereoscopic renderings

Stereo renderings can be generated with very little extra effort. By using one of the stereoscopes offered here, you can view your renderings with excellent 3D depth.

3D renderings can of course also be provided in the Oczko Stereo 3D App.

Read the full instruction on how to export your rendering to see it in stereo 3D.

Prints and stereo cards

You would rather like to hold premium photographic paper in your hands? No problem! All stereo photographs can be printed as stereo cards for the stereoscope Papuga. A packed and labeled set of your stereo cards will of course be delivered to you as part of every photo job.

Individual, large-size fine art prints can also be made. These can be framed and hung on the wall together with the stereoscope Sowa.

Oczko Stereo is collaborating with a traditional photographic laboratory. All prints are handmade on classic photographic paper.

How to present 3D on the internet?

One cannot expect visitors to a website, including to this one, to have a stereoscope and to know how to view stereo images. Unfortunately, this makes it necessary to use tools that greatly diminish the precision and quality of the spatial photographs.

  • Parallel or cross-eyed view Nearsighted persons in particular are often easily able to focus one eye on one of the two images on the screen.
  • Multi-frame animations A short sequence of approximately 10 images from different perspectives is animated into a short movie.
  • Wiggle images Consisting of just two images, these animations (mostly gifs) wiggle continuously from left to right.
  • 3D photos on Facebook Facebook, among others, offers the possibility to upload an image together with a depth mask and to subsequently view it interactively through movement.

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“Dominik Oczkowski’s images are convincing. This is evinced by the positive feedback of my clients.”