Oczko Stereoscopes

Pin sharp depth for your 3D photographs

Stereoscope PAPUGA drawing

Optical quality

One day, VR goggles will surely achieve real-life image quality. For the time being, however, images are often distorted by the poor quality of the plastic lenses and massive chromatic aberration occures.

Moreover, the lenses and the screen are so closely spaced that nasty pixels can be seen, while a large part of the small display remains unused.

In contrast, Oczko Stereo manufactures highly precise optical equipment.  It is designed with a view to achieve optimal spatial image rendition. The resolution of large Retina Displays is fully utilized, while fine art prints on exquisite photographic paper can be appreciated in all their depth of color and space.

Stereoscope Sowa drawing

Stereoscope Papuga

for smartphones and stereo cards

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The stereoscope Papuga is easily assembled using interlocking cardboard pieces and can be used to view volumetric images on smartphones and stereo cards. Thanks to the high-quality lenses, the optical performance exceeds that of any VR goggle. The 3D effect can be enhanced on mobile phones with Retina displays.

Papuga is available in different colors and comes with a set of 12 stereo cards.

Learn more about the serial production of Papuga.

Stereoscope Sowa

for tablets and fine art prints

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The stereoscope Sowa utilizes the full resolution of modern Retina tablets and large photographic prints. Two coated glass lenses and four high-precision optical mirrors extend the eye distance of viewers. Sturdy components made of laser-cut aluminum guarantee precise alignment and long-lasting appreciation, even when used by large numbers of people.

Sowa can be used while sitting at a table or be wall-mounted in front of a framed print. It is suitable for professional presentations as well as exhibition installations.
It is designed for the 12.9” iPad but also works with every tablet.

Available from autumn 2020 onwards.

For now check out Prototype No. 11

Funktionsprinzip Stereoskop

How do stereoscopes work?

Humans have two eyes and are able to see the world from two slightly different perspectives. This is called stereopsis and permits spatial perception and the determination of distances. From the beginnings of photography, the stereoscopic technique has been used to depict the spatial dimension of a scene and to lend a three-dimensional depth effect to the motifs.

Oczko Stereo believes parallel image pairs are the most subtle representation of spatial photographs. The left and right images are viewed separately with one eye respectively, and merge into a single, three-dimensional composition.

Ideally, a tablet or smartphone with a high-resolution display is used to conveniently view stereoscopic photography. The Oczko Stereo 3D App converts your mobile device into a full-fledged, stereo spatial viewer, ready for use with a stereoscope!

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“We are looking forward with great anticipation to the developed prints.”