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3D Photography

Oczko Stereo offers conceptual 3D photographic documentation for demanding clients. Have your work stereo-photographed and present it with spatial depth in all three dimensions.


Oczko Stereo develops high-quality stereoscopes made of cardboard and plastic lenses or laser-cut aluminum with high-precision optics, making spatial photography with pin sharp depth for presentations or exhibitions possible.

3D App

Explore an archive of modern stereo photography with the Oczko Stereo 3D App! You can also conveniently showcase your photographed projects by using a tablet or smartphone with a stereoscope!


Whether it’s an exhibition concept, a 3D website, a large screen projection or a lenticular print that you are looking for, Oczko Stereo will professionally advise you for realizing exciting projects with spatial depth!

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Why no VR?

Unlike the interactive, 360 degree view using a virtual reality goggle, one cannot look around while viewing a 3D picture with a stereoscope. Instead, the viewer can focus on taking in the many layers of spatial depth in an individual image while retaining all the qualities of a conventional photograph.

As in individual photographs, stereo images depict a single motif, which is, however, supplemented by the added dimension of spatial depth.

Classic stereoscopy offers the following advantages with respect to panoramic VR scans:

  • Image composition, visual axes and ascertainment of lighting direction
  • Visual language and suggestive image solutions
  • Depth of field and bokeh
  • Physical prints on photographic paper
  • Much higher optical quality and resolution
  • No dizziness or headache

Oczko Stereo wants to extend sophisticated photography to include the third dimension, and combine the old craft of stereoscopy with modern technologies.

About Oczko Stereo

Hi, my name is Dominik Oczkowski. I am an architect and stereoscopist based in Munich.
After ten years of work experience as an architect and assistantships at the university and theatre, I now want to add the third dimension to architectural photography. My goal is to develop new concepts for the documentation of space.

Following  many hours in the darkroom and the construction of multiple stereo cameras, I am now able to provide professional high-quality stereoscopy.

I founded Oczko Stereo to combine the old craft of stereoscopic photography with modern technology.

I am proud to offer my profound knowledge in these fields to realize your 3D projects.

By the way, Oczko is not only an acronym of my name, it also means small eye in Polish.

“Dominik Oczkowski’s images are convincing. This is evinced by the positive feedback of my clients.”